Thursday, September 6, 2012

Campaign-inspired thriller by West Hartford author

Running, a political thriller by West Hartford writer Patrice Fitzgerald, combines the appeal of a classic action thriller with the personal touch of contemporary fiction, opens at the Democratic National Convention when Vice President Young is nominated and finds herself in a two-woman race for president. Fitzgerald first conceived of the plot when former President Bill Clinton became infamous for sexual shenanigans in the Oval Office. The author wondered whether behavior acceptable in a male candidate would be more shocking in a woman… and a story was born.
Encouraged by her success as a self-published writer, the author formed eFitzgerald Publishing in West Hartford. The small independent press has released eight other books since being founded in the summer of 2011. Titles include Canton author Anne Kelleher's "How David Met Sarah," a gentle love story written from the point of view of a young man with Down's syndrome, which is the first of two novels currently available in the planned five-book series. 
Upcoming releases from the fledgling indie press include another thriller by a debut author, four paranormal romances, a historical fiction trilogy, a cozy mystery series, a book of poetry, and the sequel to Running.
eFitzgerald Publishing is particularly interested in hearing from previously published authors of genre books whose rights have reverted.    
Fitzgerald has been interviewed many times in connection with her self-publishing success, including by Colin McEnroe on National Public Radio, on Bill Thompson's DC-based podcast The Bookcast, by New York Writing Careers Examiner Tad Richards, and on West Hartford's own WHC-TV with "Camera's Rolling" host Marsha Howard.
The author, an attorney who practiced intellectual property law for 15 years, has lived in West Hartford since 1985.  Running is available in print and electronic formats via Amazon and online through Barnes & Noble.



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