Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Silver Vengence, a dark fantasy set in New Haven

Silver Vengeance is a fast-paced dark fantasy set in present-day New Haven, Connecticut.
Were-witches. These hybrid creatures stalk the earth with the raw, primal power of the werewolf and the cunning, dark magic of the witch. They’re deadly hunters with the capability for both bloodthirsty vengeance and an unwavering loyalty to their own.
Gabrielle Gayle is an ambitious chef in one of New Haven’s trendiest restaurants. Her concerns consist of getting ahead in her career, dodging barbed insults from her sharp-tongued mother, and dealing with the nagging certainty that she has always had powers. However, when the Clan of were-witches seeks revenge for her mother murdering one of their own, she and her sister are brutally attacked. With nowhere else to go, she turns to Nick, a Hunter of witches, werewolves, demons, and any combination thereof.
However, Gabrielle learns that she has much more in common with the Clan than she ever imagined. And, in order to save herself and her family from being destroyed, she must embrace her powers and become the very creature she fears the most.
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“This can't-put-it-down tale of magic and mystery will have you turning pages as fast as you can. The plot grabs you from page one and draws you into the story of Gabrielle Gayle and her sister as they fight for their lives against other-worldly creatures. The characters are memorable and the pacing of the story is damn near perfect. Scary, bloody, thrilling and fascinating, this is a first-rate urban fantasy. Highly recommended.”
-JM Dattilo


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